How and where to buy a G-Shock.

The Fastest way:


There are several way's to get a G-Shock. The easiest way is to go to your local Casio dealer and look which models he has. This has it's advantage that you can take your watch direct with you, but most of the times you will have paid to much.


The Easiest and Cheapest way:


The best way to get a G-Shock or a Baby-G is looking around on internet. The most watches I bought, were bought on the auction site e-Bay. This is also one of the best way to find new and used special editions that are not sold in your part of the world. I also added some internet shops that are interesting for buying G-Shocks around the world.







Which model is it?



Limited Editions



E-bay sellers



Internet Shops



Buying and Shipping



Extreme good looking G-Fakes!!!!