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Casio released this watch in January 1999. It's part of a series G-Shock's and Baby-G. The Fairy Charm models were inspired by love themes of Shakespeare. There were three themes. This one is "Magical". Other versions are "Secrecy" and "Pure".  This model was inspired by Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream".  A small brochure is included with a piece out of this story.  Also the texts found on this G-Shock package refer to this story "Flower of this purple dye..". The accompanying Baby-G writes: "...Sink in apple his eye". 










It is said that it falls in love with what seen first when waking up when the soup of the pansy flower is applied to the eyelid of the sleeping person. Fairy's king Oberon was ordered to think that Titania was taught a lesson from the quarrel with fairy wife Titania, to call the packing of the fairy of mischievous, and to pick the love grass pansy on the night of a certain summer. And, Oberon applied the soup of the pansy flower to the eyelid of sleeping Titania. The one that Titania who woke up had seen first was a man who had had ass's head. It felt sorry for Titania's appearance, and the magic of the love grass pansy was solved first though it was Oberon that looked at the appearance from a long distance. And, two people were to have lived happily.

From "Midsummer-Night's Dream" Shakespeare