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"Master of G" is a special series of G-Shock models for special extreme uses.


The Frogman is specially designed for Divers. The first model was released in 1993. We are now in the Fourth generation of the Frogman model. There are still Frogman models produced. Probably the Frogman is, with the DW-5600, the longest model produced by G-Shock. In Japan the Frogman is one of the most loved G-Shock types amongst collectors.


The Mudman, Gaussman and the Raysman are extreme mud and dirt resist. The knobs are covered by a seal of rubber. The Gaussman is also antimagnetic and the Raysman was the first Tough Solar G-Shock. The Mudman got in 2006 a nice facelift.


The Riseman has a thermometer- and a barometer sensor. Therefore it's capable to measure temperature, air pressure and altitude. It has also a recorder, so you can measure up to 50 different altitude and temperature data in it's memory. In 2008 the Riseman got a facelift.


The Wademan has a digital compass and also a thermometer sensor. The Lungman has an infra red sensor that measures the heart rate when you put a finger on it. It also has a 30 Lap Memory in addition to the normal Stopwatch function.


The Codename is a kind of Spy Gadget. The first version (DW-8500) has all kinds of register functions, like blood type and Passport numbers. It had also a Mudresist casing.  The later version, Codename Cipher also has a Morse Code Generator.


The DW-8600 Fisherman has a Tidegraphs and a Thermometer. The Gulfman is a Tough Solar version of the Fisherman, but this one has info about famous surf sites. I've got a special edition, made to support the Hawaiian division of the I.C.E.R.C., a Dolphin and Whale Eco-Research Network. In stead of surf sites, this one has famous Dolphins and Whales spotting sites. A whale appears when you use the backlight. In 2007 the Gulfman got a nice facelift.


 The Antman is only released in Japan on October 28th, 2000. It was the first watch receiving an Atomic Clock signal. It picks up the 50kW signal of the Japan Fukishima transmitter (JJY, 40kHz) or the 50kW signal of the Fukyoka/Saga Transmitter (JJY, 60kHz). Three models were produced, a "silver" version 40Khz, a "gold" version 40kHz and a "silver Version 60Khz.. The color of the version refers to the display, not to the case. Both models are black. There was never made an US or an European version.