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G-Shock and other links:

Official Casio G-Shock:


G-Shock homepage, Check out the latest models and limited editions. Almost every month new items.


G-Shock Perfect Search,

 a great search machine to find all the G-Shock models released in Japan. Most basic watches were also released in Japan.. In Japanese.


G-Shock Europe,  New European official Casio  G-Shock Site. Check the commercial and the Cool Base-jump game.


G-Shock U.S. Homepage, The official  Casio G-Shock website for the US. Models also available via their on-line shop.


Casio Hong Kong Homepage,

A cool official Casio website with a lot of info of ltd.ed. G-Shock models. Has also very cool Flash animations!


Manuals?, if you ever need a Casio manual, check out this service. All you need is the module number, which is placed in a rectangle on the back of your G-Shock, Baby-G or other Casio Watch.


G-Shock and Vintage Casio's Fan Pages:


Watch U Seek G-Shock Forum, newly opened forum for G-Shock and other Japanese watches.


My G-Shock (Philadelphia, USA), Riley, Jenny and friends keep up a great G-Shock news website in weblog form. Also there is a great G-Shock Wiki on it. If there any G-Shock news, this is the place to read it.


GMT+9, (USA), A review website of Japanese Watches Enthusiasts. You will find great G-Shock reviews with lots of background information there.


50 Gs, (Netherlands/Canada), a weblog that Greg and I started. Greg tries to post monthly about a new G-Shock, I try to post weekly (50 times a year, hence the name). Occasionally there will be  guest articles too.


Dive-Frogger, (Japan)I know this him from Japanese fora, now he has his own website. He collects vintage G-Shocks and likes to customize rare Frogmans.


Murphy (Japan) is a Japanese G-Shock collector and a Motorcycle freak. He has a very nice collection of G-Shocks. Check his DW-81X0 models!


G-Stock, (Spain) The website of Adan. He also sells spare parts of vintage G's!


Watches in Space, (Italy)  Schirra has a great website with a collection of watches worn in space. Of course a lot of G-Shocks. A great different approach of the G-Shock phenomenon.


G-Shock Collector, (UK) This is a new G-Shock fan website by Kevin. It has a lot good information. Check out the history of G and the Advertising Material pages.


Casio Vintage Digital LCD Watches (Australia), This website by Kim Patterson shows a lot of vintage Casio watches as the title says. There are several vintage G-Shock's on his website and I believe there will be more in the future.


G-Shock Sjors (NL/JP), my  attempt to start a blog in JP. The weblog is almost daily updated. G-Shock's, daily life in the Netherlands, food, beer and biking are the main themes.


Casio Club (Germany): A webpage about vintage Casio's by Stephan Wehner. Now he shows also non Casio digital watches.


Unbreakable article in Timezone (USA),  a great article of the first G-Shock models by Carlos Perez.


1997 Endless Summer, (Japan) Website dedicated to the BIG DW-81X0/DW-8300 models. Nice pictures of EL Backlight shots.


Giez Album in Blue, (Japan), Very friendly Japanese guy who helped me out with some models.


The Frogman Party, (Japan), Like the name says, a website dedicated to the G-Shock Frogman.


Risefreak, (Japan), the site of mr.Yamazaru-San, one of the most famous and respected G-Shock collectors in Japan. He is specialized in Riseman's


Yachtrays, (Japan) A friendly guy from Japan. You got to push a lot of buttons to find out his whole collection, but it's worth it!


Orange-5 Kingdom, (Japan) a Japanese blog of a well know G-Collector.


Shock Resist, (Japan), A great site with a lot of detailed photo's of vintage and newer G-Shock versions. Also a lot of special limited editions.


M's Room, (Japan) Check out this page. This man (Mr. Mah) has a collection of over 325 G-Shocks!!! With very rare items.


G2 Club, (japan),  Gonma's G-Shock Club. Has updates of new limited models and a G-Museum. Also a lot of custom made G-Shock's for commercial use.


G-Shock Museum, (Japan), Nice little Museum of Vintage G-Shocks and some articles.


Neo G-Shocker, (Japan), A collector with a lot of rare vintage models and a lot of information.


Nagatuku's Watches, (Japan), Nice collection with new and old models.

 My G is Different, (spain) Angelo pimps up his G-Shock's and MR-G's with different kinds of displays and EL Display designs.



Not G-Shock:


110 Volt Lovers, My Band, Funky Techno from the South of the Netherlands.


Excite Translator, translator Japanese-English v.v.


Infoseek Translator, another translator Japanese-English v.v.


The World Clock, World time table with Daylight Saving Time corrections.


N.I.S.T. Time and Frequency, Boulder, Colorado, USA, a nice page about the smallest atomic clock in the world at the size of a rice grain. In fact a very informative site whole over.


Daylight Saving Time, everything about the Summertime Phenomena.


Universal Currency Converter, very handy links for calculating between different currencies, including old European and Japanese Yen.


I.C.E.R.C. Japan, website of the International Cetacean  Education & Research Centre, Japan. Unfortunately the English pages are not longer available. You can use the Excite translator to read in English.


Pimp Watches, Japan, Great limited edition LED-Design watches. Coolest LED watches on the globe! Only sold outside Japan through Tokyoflash.


Tokyoflash, Japan. Cool international watch shop. Has no G-Shock's but has other remarkable Japanese watches.


Think Geek, USA, Stuff for the smart masses. Check out the T-Shirts and other items.


Cafe d'Anvers, Belgium, My favorite club, located about 75km from where I live in Antwerp, Belgium.


KIKS TYO, JP, the Sneaker/Hip Hop brand founded by Shinichi Izaki. They design great T-Shirts, mainly with the Sneaker (Kiks) theme.  KIKS TYO's muse Aki Hoshino can be found on many of their products. They also designed G-Shocks.


Gorrily Blog NL, Blog about what's going on in street fashion. Great blog for sneaker lovers.


Addict Clothing, UK. Cool T-Shirts and other clothing. Of course best know for their G-Shock Addict Frogman, one of the best designed Frogs around!


Hook Ups Skateboards Company, USA, Founded by Jeremy Klein. At the moment I made this link the site was under construction. I have a lot of Hook-Ups T-Shirts. They are great!


Toy Factory, Skateboard and skate wear brand run by skateboarder, photo- and art artist Ed Templeton. Has a large collection of nice T-Shirts and decks as well an impressive list of links. Ed Templeton designed one of the 21st C.B. models for G-Shock.


Primal Wear, Denver, USA, I like these Cycle Jerseys. Great designs by great artists. They want to start a European factory shop too in the near future. Check out the "Over The Bar Scar Club". They have a great slogan: "Animal Tested!", of course not referring to four legged creatures...


Bathing Ape, The Coolest Japanese clothing brand, worn by a lot of well known artists.


FUSE, Belgium, Another very good  Club, specialized in Techno, located in Brussels, Belgium.


99 Rooms, an impressive Flash website. Visit the 99 Rooms by searching buttons in several rooms. Great art.


Hoogerbrugge, a great website with very artful small interactive Flash animations. Take your time and check them out. Highly recommendable!


Pornstar Clothing, My favorite leisure wear. I have some cool shirts. They certainly draw attention. Makes of course a good combination with a G-Shock or Baby-G.


RTHQ, stands for Rift Trooper's Head Quarters. Check out his news section. Loads and Loads of trendy lifestyle links.