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Probably you might have found the name Chris Moy on other pages. He asked me once if it was simple to reverse a G-Shock display. He had seen Angelo's website My G is Different al those reversed displays. Before I even could answer his question (if you know him, it wouldn't surprise you I think) he already had dismantled his G-2300 and had played around with the polarizer. He asked me later where to get those filters. No need to answer that question too. He had already ordered two different polarizing filters on two different worldwide locations. I had a good amusing time with him working on it, so I asked him if I could publish his results. They were much better than my experiments with the calculator three years ago.

Here is his Tutorial, Thanks Chris!


Remember what she looks like! :-D

Testing the watch out with my lens polarizer. Here you can see the display is still grey with black numbers. Let me rotate the polarizer a little and you get....

a black display! :-) Where are the numbers? Guess I have to take her apart and...

Got the movement out. Wasn't difficult at all. The movement fits snug into the case. If you look very carefully you can see the edge of the polarizer. It glued to the display with something like rubber cement.

The display is snapped onto the plastic movement ring. It's a little tricky getting it out. Take your time and go very slow! The white panel is the EL panel. There is a clear plastic sheet over it you can sandwich your custom graphics.

Using an x-atco blade I was able to remove the polarizer. I dragged the blade along the edge where the polarize meets the display panel. The polarizer feels like plastic. I'll have to run out and see if I can find more of this stuff. Notice the polarizer is tinted grey which you didn't see when it was on the display panel.

I placed the display panel back onto the plastic movement ring. I just finished removing the rubber cement off of the polarizer with Goo Gone.

There's the numbers! The watch was running all this time. Very interseting how the polarizer turns clear when it's over the LCD.

This is the trick to get a reverse display :-) Turn the polarizer 90 degrees! That's it! :-) In this shot the EL is turned on.


EL off.

The polarizer doesn't have to touch the LCD for it to display the numbers/text. COOL!



Not just plastic. I found 2 place that sells polarizer film. I ordered a sheet from both places. Lets see if it works.

Received one of the polarizer film from Edumund Industrails Optics. The film is pretty thick. I was worried it won't fit in between the crystal and movement.

Before cutting make sure the polarizer is in the right position. Here you can see the polarizer with it's protective covering. I'm just about to trace the shape of the original polarizer onto the new sheet.

Cut and ready to test the new polarizer. The protective covering is still on the polarizer

Perfect fit! :-)

Everything fits! :-) Protective covering still on polarizer

Protcetive covering is OFF! :-D Looking GOOD! :-)


Looks great in direct light, not so good in low light condition :-( I think the problem is the thick polarizer. I should have the other polarizer sometime this week. That sheet is thinner. Lets hope it works better :-)




Text and Pictures: Chris Moy






















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