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A long time before I found this big "G-Bomb" I saw this alarm clock for sale for a, at that time for me, astronomic high price. It took a long time the seller got his clock sold, but I had this clock from that time in the back of my head. It took me a long time to trace one, until I found one in 2006. I believe there are not many made of them, sine you hardly see them for sale and change owner for big bucks (while the retail price was just under 6000) for an alarm clock. The QC-200 came in 2 or 3 models. There was also a QC-100 produced, which was more cylindrical shaped.

Joakim Agren wrote once this about the Muscle Time:


Interesting fact!

That clock was made to resemble the original prototype G that was rejected by the Casio management in 1982 because they thought it looked ugly and was to big so the designers and engineers went back to the drawing board and finally came up with the DW-5XXX series that had the revolutionary omni directional shock resistance technology. The original prototype had a protected module and module cased surrounded by a fat disc shaped ring to provide for the shock protection. Basically a saucer type design just like this GQ-200 Muscle Time clock. Me personally thinks it look damn cool!