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The Ultimate G-Shock Torture Test:

G-700 Torture Test:

Freeze!  Burn! Smash! Drop!

a story by John FreeDiver


Is the G-Shock really as tough as Casio says? 1 day off + 2 excitable kids = tough test time. I took my G-700D to task today, here's what happened:

The deep freeze: four hours in the freezer and this is what we get:

Melted the ice and the G700 emerges, working fine, no problems:

My son insisted we show his BK star wars "watch":

The kick: It's a World Cup year, so why not tape the G-700 to the soccer ball and kick that sucker.

The kick in progress, note the flying G. This is not easy to detect
in the video. Once I kicked the ball, the G ripped loose (my son had the first kick and it must have loosened up).

The boil: The G700 does some time in boiling water, approx 3 minutes.

See the G boil on video.

Note the condensation inside the crystal following this torture. The condensation disappeared after a few minutes, watch working fine.

The toss: Out to the street where my daughter tosses the G700 up in the air and we watch it bounce off the asphalt.

Video of the toss

The drop: 20+ feet up on the roof, we drop the G700 to the cement walkway below.

The G700 sustains the first real damage of the day, taking a direct hit on the bezel:

Game over. G700 working fine and officially tough tested.